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Wisconsin Manufactured Mobile Homes for Sale 

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Types of Manufactured Homes

  • Manufactured Mobile Homes for Sale - Single Wide & Double Wides

    Wisconsin Manufactured Mobile Homes for Sale

    Welcome to; this website features Manufactured Mobile Houses for sale throughout the entire state of Wisconsin organized by Region and by individual Counties. These properties are then organized by price from High to Low and Low to High using Day on the Market normal for that specified area. The colorful Wisconsin Map below also organized by Region and County are “Hot Links” to those sections of real estate. On these pages there are short descriptions of the area with hyperlinks.  On this site you will find Wisconsin Manufactured Mobile Homes for Sale including; Single Wide, Double Wides, Prefab, Modular Houses and more located in Wiscosnin listed by real estate agents.  Looking for a Land Contract visit

    Mobile Homes: Mobile homes are built on a steel frame with wheels attached for mobility. They were traditionally known as "trailers" or "house trailers." These types of homes can be moved from one location to another and are typically smaller in size compared to other types of houses.

    Modular Homes: Modular homes consist of pre-fabricated sections that are constructed off-site in a factory-controlled environment before being transported and assembled on the homeowner's property. Unlike mobile homes, modular houses do not have wheels and cannot be easily moved once set up.

    Manufactured Homes: Manufactured homes are also built off-site but follow specific federal building codes set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These standards ensure quality construction and safety features such as fire resistance. Like modular houses, manufactured properties cannot be relocated after installation.

    Wisconsin Mobile Homes for Sale

    FEATURED Mobile Homes for Sale WI

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    Manufactured Homes for Sale WI

    Types of Manufactured Homes:

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    Modular Houses

    Pre-Built Homes

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